Why the Convious API?

The Convious API enables you to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Pricing directly on your product, without all the hassle

Why choose the Convious API?


  • Sell more tickets

  • Spread sales over weekdays

  • Lower in-venue queues

  • Optimize staff deployment

  • Maximize revenue

  • Maximize user satisfaction


Integrate Convious with your own backend

  • Create & manage clients

  • Create & configure products

  • Manage product inventory

...and natively control from your front-end! 

  • Use your own checkout / ticketshop

  • Use your own control panel

  • Control minimum and maximum prices 

  • Let your users define the average trarget price


Easy & fast to implement

Connecting the Convious API with your ticketing software is easy and painless. No need to change your existing processes or spend tons of resources and money. 

Convious Pricer Service is a collection of APIs:

  1. Set-up environment and hand out key

  2. Configure tracking script (Analytics API)

    1. Place in header

    2. Implement events

  3. Create product (Inventory API)

    1. Configure pricing

    2. Set availability

  4. Call pricing API for a product (Pricer API)

    1. Get back JSON filled up with prices for 60 days.

More information for Developers 

API Documentation: https://developer.convious.com/#overview

Ready to learn more?

Download the Convious API presentation and learn more about the power of AI and what it can do for your online business. 

Convious API is a cloud-based service






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Industry-specific Endpoint

Convious API

Real-Time Pricing on demand
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