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The COVID-19 crisis has changed the world overnight. Do you know how many visitors are coming to your venue when you reopen? Don’t let it be a risk!


With Convious Crowd Control you prevent overcrowded scenarios, unsafe situations, or even fines by smartly distributing your visitors combining your eCommerce with AI. 

Improve visitors' experience while being 100% COVID-19 compliant.

Comply with guidelines and avoid fines by ensuring a responsible visitor distribution.  We automate your capacity planning based on smart time slots. What if regulations change? Quickly adjust your venue’s capacity so that you have one less thing to worry about

Know who is coming when to your venue


Some Results: 

  • Moved up to 30% fewer visitors on peak days

  • Moved up to 50% more visitors on slow days

  • Encourage more consistent and predictable purchase behavior



Case Study | How Convious Crowd Control solves visitor spread

Is your venue Covid-19 compliant? If your current systems are not designed to manage crowds, queues, and other unsafe situations in a smart and dynamic way, you are in trouble. 


In order to maintain your doors open,  a safe and predictable spread of visitors is now a necessity. Prepare accordingly for your visitors to come and enjoy a safe experience. 

Download the complete case study and learn how venues managed their visitor spread using Crowd Control.

Manage your visitor spread effortlessly in our

AI-powered solution

Check your venue’s real-time data - wherever,

whenever - and use it to make strategic decisions swiftly.

Proven Success

What our partners say about Crowd Control
SeaLife logo.png

Maaike Schröeder

"Using early bird tickets showed us how simple and easy it is to spread your visitors by using time slots!"

Cluster Marketing Manager

Silke Holzner

"Convious´ system enables us to manage visitor flow even during the Covid-19 season. Statistics and overviews provide information that makes planning easier than ever."


All these venues already enjoy a safe and

worry-free visitor distribution - you could too

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