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A smart visitor spread for a safer visit. 

The   COVID-19   crisis has changed the world overnight. Do you know how many visitors are coming to your venue when you reopen? Don’t let it be a risk!

Prevent overcrowded scenarios, unsafe situations or even fines by smartly distributing your visitors combining your online ticket sales with AI. 


Automated Visitor Spread

Comply with the guidelines and ensure responsible distribution. Our smart booking software automates your capacity planning based on time slots optimized by artificial intelligence. Do your visitor's needs or capacity limits change over time? Our software will instantly adjust.

One Reservation tool for your new and already sold Tickets & Season passes

Do you sell undated tickets or season passes on your site or via external channels and third parties? We will ensure you always follow regulations and avoid unsafe surprises with up-front online check-ins and time-slot reservation for all your tickets.

Our reservation tool can be integrated with any ticket shop.

Crowd Prediction

See how many visitors you can expect and adapt accordingly. Plan efficiently as our advanced AI-technology determines expected visitor numbers based on capacity limits, weather forecasts, historical- and current sales.

Enforce Contactless Payments

With a wide range of payment methods and the most competitive rates, we will encourage your visitors to pay online. Our technology will ensure more purchases are made in advance, while also facilitating contactless "in venue" payments with a mobile version.

Visitor Insights

Understand your visitors’ behavior and characteristics with our elaborate analyses and discover what they like and dislike about your venue.

Crystal Clear Communication

Our practical and advanced communication tools will allow you to communicate effortlessly with your visitors before, during, and after their visit. Clear communication will enhance your visitors' sense of safety and trust.


CASE STUDY | How Convious Crowd Control solves visitor spread

Some Results: 

  • Moved up to 30% fewer visitors on peak days

  • Moved up to 50% more visitors on slow days

  • Encourage more consistent and predictable purchase behaviour


Are you worried about how to reopen in the foreseeable future? Crowds and queues will be unacceptable due to health risks and regulations. Fines or even closure will be the consequence as your current systems are not made to solve these problems properly. 


To reopen, a safe and predictable spread of visitors is now a necessity for the leisure industry. You need to prepare responsibly for visitors to come and enjoy a safe experience. 

Download the complete case study and learn how venues managed their visitor spread using Crowd Control.

Manage your visitor spread and pricing strategy in our AI-powered platform

See results in real-time, wherever and whenever you want. Check your reservations, your current online revenue and use your data to make strategic decisions

Proven Success

What our partners say about Crowd Control

Maaike Schröeder

"Using early bird tickets showed us how simple and easy it is to spread your visitors by using time slots!"

Cluster Marketing Manager

Jules de Blecourt

"Suddenly, moving our customers from one-time slot to another seemed one of our easier challenges to tackle - using real-time pricing made it look like a piece of cake!"

Commercial Manager

You are in good company!

Our AI-driven cloud platform already empowers +100 companies to sell more direct from their own website, with better results, better prices, and happier visitors.  

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