Get your

workspace ready!

Offices look different during a pandemic. With our technology, you can make them safe again. 

Say hello to a safe office space!

Plan better

Reserve a working space on a specific floor, book a date in advance, and use time-slots to distribute your collaborators better

COVID-19 Compliant

Easily adjust your office's capacity

as regulations keep on changing. Open or close floors and time slots. With Convious, you are in charge

Make it a safe space

Use Convious and make your office a safe environment for your collaborators to meet again. An easy solution for a complex problem

"Convious' reservation system was ready for NRC Media within just a few days. With Convious, we keep the occupancy of the building safe for everyone. Every collaborator is assured of a workplace after booking. In a special COVID-19 time, this gave NRC Media a lot of peace."

Marcella Breedeveld

Director of P&O and Legal Affairs

An easy solution for a complex problem

Let us show you how our technology helps you make your workspace safe. You and your collaborators deserve it!

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