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The top 4 leisure industry trends that are here to stay & how to make the most of them

Get insights from our in-depth analysis and grab actionable tips  for your leisure venue!

Ensuring a safe reopening & predictable visitor distribution

How Convious Crowd Control solves visitor spread

Discover how other venues found the sweet spot between managing a safe visitor spread and venue capacity while maximizing revenue.

Successful reopening measures

From basic to advanced measures, we review different tactics to implement at your leisure venue to guarantee a successful and safe reopening.

Find the right tools to determine optimal pricing


Are you selling at your optimal price? [Checklist included]

We define and explain different pricing strategy concepts and share the 7 Keys you will need when defining your optimal pricing strategy.

Their success is our success [Case Study]

Learn from these six real-life cases how dynamic pricing was the solution to unlocking growth.

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