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Convious for Gyms & Yoga Centers

Join our 100+ partners who already leverage the power of  AI-driven software to boost their online sales

Why Convious for Gyms & Yoga Centers?

Use Time-slot management to move price-sensitive customers into the less demanded times! Price your activities differently depending on their time with our AI-powered smart pricer.

Ensure to offer a quality experience by limiting availability so you can always be ready to serve them well!

Offer smart upsells, such as towels, lockers, complementary equipment etc. & increase your online customer's average cart size.

Convert more online visitors through behavioural-tracking and engagement tools and personalized pricing strategies.

Start growing your business today 

Increase your online ticket sales
Make smart, data-driven decisions based on insightful reports.
Sell more tickets online at better prices and watch your revenue grow! 
Gain control over your visitor spread
Improve your guest experience


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