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High conversion check-out

Offer a frictionless buying experience by combining 
our responsive check-outs with personalized journeys to maximize engagement.

Personalized visitor journey
Frictionless buying experience
Conversion driven funnel

Choose the pricing strategy that suits you best

Uses factors like weather, seasonality, inventory, and historical data to determine automatically and in real-time the best prices.

Core benefits:
Increase your overall revenue
Spread your visitors 

No discounts on peak days


Real-Time Pricing


Name Your Own Price

Use gamification to increase engagement and conversion and learn about the willingness to pay of your customers.

Core benefits:
Increase your overall revenue
Insights about willingness to pay

Increase engagement by gamification


Dynamic Pricing

Use rule-based pricing to determine your prices per day and stay in full control. 

Core benefits:
Increase your overall revenue
Full control over your pricing
Suitable for special offers


Static Pricing

Get your advantage with a conversion driven check-out but sell with fixed prices

Core benefits:
Full control of your pricing
High conversion check-out

Compatible with Convious
Marketing suite

We love pricing!

We use it everywhere we can



Time Slots


Sport Events

Can't make a decision? Why not test more and find out which strategy works best for your business?