1. You are eligible for the referral program if you are an active partner of  Convious. You need to be an active partner during the whole duration of the program.
  2. Your referred partner needs to sign up within 8 weeks after you've submitted your referral. 
  3. Your referred partner needs to sign up for not less than a year contract.

1. Who is a good referral?

If you’ve got someone in mind who you think could benefit from Convious,
chances are they’re probably a good referral already!

The ideal referred partner is someone who...

  • Sells tickets and admissions online or would like to start doing so.

  • At least has around 10.000 monthly visits to their website.

  • Is interested in growing their business through the adoption of dynamic pricing,
    or other Ai-powered pricing solutions. 

2. How long does the program last?

Depends on how long it takes your referral to join Convious. The moment the new contract between us and your referred partner is official, you will get your well-earned reward!
However, if they don’t join at all after 8 weeks of your referral submission date, you’ll be automatically excluded from the program for this specific partner (but don't worry, you can always make new referrals!)

3. When and how will I get my reward? Is my reward guaranteed?

Once the conditions of the referral program are met and the contract between us and your referred partner is official, you will get your well-earned reward applicable to the number of partners that you have referred and who have successfully joined Convious within the stated time-frame. 

4. Is there a way for me to track the status of my referrals?

There is! Per each partner you have referred to us, we will send you e-mail notifications updating you about how the process is going. If they’ve shown interest, if they are not a good match, or if they have signed a contract with us! We promise to keep you posted. 

5. Can I refer customers in any country?

Sure! You can refer partners from anywhere around the globe!

6. Can I get rewarded for previous customers I referred before the Referral Program was launched or before I signed up?

No, the rewards are only applicable for those partners who have been referred through the Convious referral program launched in 2019. 

7. How do I refer someone?

By clicking on the big orange button below.
You will be scrolled down over to a short form you’ll need to fill in with your referral’s
name and e-mail. Then hit submit, and voilá! You've successfully made a referral.

As easy and quick as that!

Your referral will automatically receive an introductory e-mail from us introducing
Convious and explaining the whole process.

Do you have other questions? You can always contact our sales team.
What's in it for you
Get up to a 50% discount on our product by referring us to other partners!
1 new partner: 20% discount next quarter.
2 new partners: 30% discount next quarter.
3 new partners: 50% discount next quarter.
We also value your efforts!
Submit up to 10 referrals and get an experience voucher valued in 100€!
It's as easy as filling in a form, promise.
How it works


Submit your referral to a peer by filling in a simple form.
 We send them information about how they can benefit from our product and this program.


You both get amazing rewards!


Our sales team has a chat with them. 


It's a match?
They sign a contract and join Convious!

Convious Referral Program

Refer Convious to a peer. Get rewards.
Satisfied with your Convious experience?
Want to make it even better?

Tell others about how you benefit from our platform and gain multiple advantages when they also decide to join us! 

Know someone who's a good fit for Convious?

Let us know by referring them through the form below. We'll make sure to give them the experience of a lifetime!
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