Convious for Zoos and Aquariums

Don't get left behind! Join our Zoo and Aquarium partners who are already leveraging the power of our AI-driven software to control their crowds while boosting their online sales 

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Why Convious for Zoos or Aquariums?

Manage your prices based on demand and control your visitor spread and secure safer and optimal guest experiences.

Increase guest loyalty and engagement through gamification strategies and by offering personalized deals with our AI-powered system.

Use our AI-Powered software to sell more tickets and increase your online revenue.

Increase your Conversion through behavioral-tracking,  engagement tools, and personalized pricing strategies.

Increase your average cart size by offering relevant upsells such as souvenirs, snacks, drinks, or photos, and make your visitors’ experience unforgettable!

Manage your Zoo or Aquarium's  visitor spread and pricing strategy in our AI-powered platform

See results in real-time, wherever and whenever you want. Check your reservations, your current online revenue and use your data to make strategic decisions

How Leisure venues optimized their business using Convious 

This is the story of how 6 companies within the leisure industry grew and optimized their businesses by using dynamic pricing and a complete AI-powered system. 

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Start growing your business today 

Make smart, data-driven decisions based on insightful reports.
Control your crowds while selling more tickets online at better prices, and watch your revenue grow  

Gain control over your visitor spread

Improve your guest experience

Increase your online ticket sales

Want to see how Convious could work with your Zoo or Aquarium?

Book a 30 min virtual meeting with one of our team experts. You will be able to see how the platform works, and solve any questions regarding your venue. 

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