The future of eCommerce for leisure 

Online is the new way of doing business. Channel the power of data and sell more direct. Gain control over your full customer journey, starting with demand generation all the way to loyalty.

The best for the best

Our AI-driven cloud platform already empowers +100 companies to sell more direct and safe from their own website, with better results, better prices, and safer venues.  

Only this year we've had


tickets sold directly through our partners’ channels


conversion rate average when using Convious' webshop


upsells sold through emails, push notifications, and webshop

The software your leisure venue needs

Out of the box


Combine your  first-party data  with your marketing efforts and improve conversion rates with Smart Ads, Engagement Tools, and Emails. 

Take your Leisure brand D2C now!

The COVID19 crisis has triggered an unprecedented digital transformation worldwide, making ‘eCommerce' a must-have, rather than a 'nice-to-have'.
In the face of such a crisis, companies who were selling direct-to-consumer (D2C) have come out in a position of strength, as opposed to businesses that were stuck in their traditional legacy systems. Not selling D2C yet?

What some of our partners say

Maaike Schröeder

Cluster Marketing Manager

"Using early bird tickets showed us how simple and easy it is to spread your visitors by using time slots!"

Andreas Sievering


"Real-time admission pricing is the solution we were waiting for. We now have full control over our pricing & branding strategy."

Jules de Blecourt

Commercial Manager

"Moving our customers with times slots seemed one of our easier challenges, using Convious made it look like a piece of cake!"

What's new at Convious

Proven Success



Keep up with the most important trends in leisure

Proven Success

social distancing.png


Approaching a socially distant leisure industry

Proven Success

Case study crowd control.png


How Convious Crowd Control solves visitor spread

Ready to sell more direct?

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