Be in full control
at any moment

Have the right people in charge of the right tasks with ease

What we do


your revenue

Use your team best and let your system do the rest


your visitor experiences

You give what you get: Greater experiences


manual work

No headache with a user-friendly Control Panel & clear instructions


Over 100 leisure venues trust Convious to create the ultimate guest experience

All your efforts become one

You and your team do not need to jump through hoops to access information and execute tasks - with your Convious Control Panel


All your digital efforts are right here

Whether it is communication on your website or via direct channels such as email and push notifications


Make knowledge actionable 

Understand the results you generate to improve your business with detailed and easy reporting


From managing products to pricing

Align all aspects of your sales strategy easily to achieve the best results


Avoid confusion around information

Update and align opening times, time slot allocation and capacity limitations

Visitor experience

Be relevant and loved 

Enhance and influence every touchpoint of your visitors’ journey with the help of digital tools such as your own app

jaderpark square

"It's so much fun. I like trying things out in the Control Panel. It is such a great tool we are very happy - especially with the support."

Andy Ludewigt

Manager at Jaderpark

Be powered by a secure engine

Safety is your venue's bread & butter. And this is no different in the digital sphere. With us, you won’t have to give this a worry.

Security & Identity

Keep visitor information safe

Identity security refers to the access of personal information, of which safeguarding is a top priority


Compliant infrastructure



Take data privacy serious and guarantee secure data storage, handling and retrieving processes

High resistance

High traffic resistancy online shop

The more traffic you get, the better. This is why your online shop can handle what others would call overload


rocket_cricle_black_white  Increase revenue
Smile_White_CricleBlack_96px  Improve visitor experience
Improve_White_CircleBlack_96px  Reduce manual work

Andy Green

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