Sell direct-to-consumer 
by integrating world-class payment technology with the leading eCommerce platform for leisure.

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Convious and Ingenico have partnered up to provide an integrated solution that helps leisure venues and attractions create booking experiences that are frictionless and drive more conversions.

For more information about Ingenico, please visit www.ingenico.com

Why Ingenico?

Stability: 99,9% uptime and hundreds of millions of yearly transactions processed.

Quick and safe: Fast payout and secure fraud protection system.

Experts at your service: Payment service experts ready to help you with any issue .

Why Convious?

Comply with COVID-19 regulations: use smart time-slotting, Crowd Control, and venue capacity.

Increase your conversions with our smart Marketing tools.

Boost your revenue with dynamic pricing strategies and increase shopping cart value through smart upselling.