One more reason for your visitors to love you 

Ordering food at the tip of your visitors' fingers

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From their phone to your kitchen

Contactless orders placed for any of your in-venue restaurant and snack bars


increase in order size


more orders placed


contactless &
COVID proof

A yummy and stress-free experience for your visitors 

1. Promote your online menu 
Promote Mobile Food Ordering before and during the visit, online and offline. 

More time to evaluate your restaurant’s menu

More information (allergies, nutrition, etc.) 

Eliminate restaurant queuing and waiting times 

No queues mean no pressure while ordering

2. Visitors order from your app or website
They pick the restaurant or snack bar of choice and quickly place an order.
4. They pick up and bon appetit!
When the order is ready your visitors get a notification, they head to the restaurant or snack bar, pick it up, and start enjoying. 
3. They choose their own pick up time 
They choose the date and time that fits best. Your kitchen will automatically receive the order and start prepping.

The smartest 
kitchens in town

Easily manage orders 

Plan and optimize staff efforts

Stock and inventory management 

Real-time overview of orders

Offer a safe experience

The kitchen
Connect your in-venue restaurant’s kitchen and have a real-time overview of all of your venues’ orders. Notify your visitors when the order is ready to pick up directly through their phones.  
Every station
Plan and optimize your kitchen’s station. See what orders are pending and what is prepping. Stop wasting time and start working smarter.
Display in your lobby
Customize the screen you show in your lobby to automatically notify your visitors whenever their order is being prepared or ready for pick up.

It is easier than

you thought 

Going Mobile on your Food Ordering is easier than you thought. If you have a device such as a tablet, phone, or TV screen, you are good to go! 

Are you ready to take on to the new generation of food ordering?

You only need
Display it on






Part of a 
360° solution
Convious CRM
Use Mobile Orders in your
Create Audiences
Based on Mobile Orders
Integrate it into your
POS Systems
Integrate it with your
Receipt Printer
Integrate it into your
Venue's App
Use integrated
Marketing Tools
Reporting & Insights

What your venue needs to deliver great experiences 

Book a demo and find out how Convious’ Mobile Food Ordering could work in your venue.

Boost revenue in food & beverage

Run smooth operations

Ensure safe and contactless orderings

Improve Customer Experience