Protecting your data

Data is the core

Our technology is transforming the experience economy and attractions throughout Europe, but the backbone of our success is ensuring a safe and trustworthy place for data. We were born with data as our core, so we understand the fundamental role it plays for our partners and their end-users. We have developed our technology under the same core value, therefore we are focused on securing data and keeping it protected.


How do we do it? 

Our technology has been created under industry-standard security measures that we constantly monitor and update. Our team of data experts thrive in protecting our systems while making sure every segment of data we collect remains secure.  Also, all of our communications are encrypted between servers. 


We invest heavily in monitoring, alerting, and response technologies to continuously address potential issues. Convious’  infrastructure is designed to alert our team when anomalies occur. 


Access to the information stored within Convious's servers is tiered and limited to Convious employees by job function that’s necessary to carry out their job responsibilities and to users designated on our partner’s accounts and Third Parties who can access the information only in specific and limited circumstances and are bound by confidentiality. All accesses to the information stored within Convious is logged, reported, and reviewed by our security team;


Our  Amazon Web Servers are protected by:  

  • Firewalls establishing a barrier between our trusted, secure internal network and the Internet 

  • IP restrictions, limiting access to whitelisted IPs 

  • Encrypted communication between services;


We use HTTPS for Convious's Services providing secure transfer of data to prevent wiretapping and man-in-the-middle attacks;


Convious reviews its information collection and processing practices periodically and will review and amend this Privacy Policy accordingly.

It’s your data

We acknowledge that all data we collect belongs to our partners. Using our interface, our partners can see, update, and delete their data as they see fit. Convious never shares or sells data with other partners or third parties. As a data-driven company, our relationships with our partners are based on trust, and part of that trust is due to safety and high-standard protocols. 


Convious follows the EU data protection regulations. For more information visit;