eCommerce for the experience economy

The Convious easy-to-use platform is designed to manage your venue's Marketing, Sales, and Service strategy all in one place with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Close or Reserve

Increase your traffic with data-driven ads and retargeting.

Continuously improve your results supported by A.I.

Turn visitors into fans by using smart feedback and review tools.


Engage your visitors with personalized journeys and secure their commitment.

Deliver frictionless buying or reserving experiences with our hybrid check-outs.

Sell more tickets at dynamic prices by using A.I. powered pricing technology.

What can you expect?
  • Increase your traffic with data-driven ads and retargeting.

  • Win back your lost customers. 

  • Turn visitors into fans with smart feedback and review tools.

Acquire high-quality traffic, convert more visitors into customers, and delight them into promoters with our AI-Driven Marketing Suite. 

The perfect AI-Powered Marketing Tool Kit

Smart pop-ups

Drive engagement and win

back lost customers using AI-driven exit intents and pop-ups.

High conversion


Watch your sales skyrocket with our highly customizable online selling platform, designed to drive conversion at every stage of the customer's journey.

What can you expect?

  • Personalized visitor journey.

  • Frictionless buying experience.

  • Conversion driven funnel.

Your seat in the 
control room

Measure your performance, manage your prices, and get actionable insights - all from our easy to use online dashboard.

What can you expect?

  • Always in charge of your pricing strategy. Either by managing every decision manually OR use our autopilot feature and only steer on a high level.

  • Everything is online, manage your venue's strategy from the cloud.

  • Make decisions driven by data.

The perfect space to manage and control your Visitor Spread and Pricing Strategy

See results in real-time, wherever and whenever you want. Check your reservations, your current online revenue and use your data to make better strategic decisions.

Seamless and easy integrations

Connect the tools you already use. Convious can run independently or integrate with your own booking and scanning software. 

Do you want to learn how Convious integrates on your booking software?

Don't get left behind​

Our AI-driven cloud platform already empowers +100 companies to sell more direct and safe from their own website, with better results, better prices, and safer venues.  

Would you like to see how the Convious Platform works?

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