Give your visitors their own
app with Tap

Be in touch every step of their journey.

Tap improves your visitors' experience

Your visitor’s experience starts way before they cross your venue’s doors

Help your visitors enjoy their day and digitalize all their touchpoints

Convert your anonymous visitors into long-lasting ambassadors

Before the visit
Their experience starts way before they cross your doors
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Tickets in their pocket

Group 693

Keep them up to date with in-app content


Send them reminders & promo's

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Easily add items to the order from the app

Personalised branded app

Give your visitors a fully branded app

Easily personalise your app’s look and feel and 
home page content through your Control Panel. 

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Wallet for all tickets & Reservations

Nothing gets lost ever again!

Your visitors can store all their tickets and reservations in their app’s e-ticket wallet.

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Push notifications

Keep everyone up to date

By using personalised and automated push notifications.

pushnotifications 1

Your own message channel

Store all relevant messages and push notifications in the message channel.

messenger 1

Upsells for all tickets and reservations

Add parking tickets, meals, merchandising, etc easily with your app’s check-out.

upsell 2
During the visit
Connect with your visitors
once they are in your
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Go mobile across all touchpoints 

Group 637

Deliver a memorable visitor experience  


Share all relevant information

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Target based on GPS locations

Mobile tickets

Seamless entrance by scanning tickets

Smooth entrance by scanning mobile tickets or digitalised season passes.

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Park Map with GPS

Help your visitor plan their day

Let them plan their day better with the guidance of your in-app Park Map.

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Crowd Tracker

Get insights on your visitor’s flow

See where your venue is most crowded with real-time heatmapping.

heatmap 1
Mobile Food Ordering

Ordering food at the tip of your visitors' fingers

Allow your visitors to order food wherever they are in your venue with Mobile Food Ordering.

shop_order 1
Geo-located messages

Send messages and encourage upsells

Or simply remind them of the next big show or activity with Push Notifications.

push 2
After the visit
Your visitors' day has
ended, their journey has not.

Collect feedback to improve your experience

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Build long relationships using data


Convert anonymous visitors into loyal fans

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Stay in contact even after their visit

Personalized branded app

Give your visitors a fully branded app

Easily personalize your app’s look and feel and
home page content through the Control Panel. 

screen_home 1
Personalized branded app

Give your visitors a fully branded app

Easily personalize your app’s look and feel and
home page content through the Control Panel. 

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Sentiment Monitor

Get feedback and optimise your experience

Collect trust-building reviews and feedback with your Sentiment Monitor.

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Keep in touch

Stay connected with your guest

Build long-lasting relationships by keeping in touch and reminding them about your latest offers.

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Booking their next visit has never been easier

Make re-booking an easy process. Your visitor’s next adventure is at the tip of their fingers.

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Manage your app's channel and offer the ultimate visitor experience

Manage app chanel 1
  • Promote your app

    Create QR codes and promote your app channel in your venue.

    Give visibility on digital platforms such as your website, social media, ad campaigns, and more.

  • App Icon

    Brand your own app channel to your look and feel. Your visitors can also use your logo to replace the Tap app icon on their phone.

  • Program event based messages

    Send tailored messages after specific customizable events, before, during, and after visits.

  • Open/locked channel

    Set your app channel open for everybody or make it exclusive for your subscribers.

  • Insights

    See all your reports in real-time and measure your app’s effectiveness right from your Control Panel.

  • Privacy

    We are focused on securing data and keeping it protected. Every data stream is private, just like with your own Convious check out.

  • Always up to date

    We are constanly updating our app in order for attractions to offer the best visitor experience.

  • And much more

    Ready to jump in to the future of mobile visitors experiences? Hop into Tap and get your own app.