Appendix Modules - Convious Services

Convious Commerce 

Convious Commerce is the ticketing module within the Convious platform, which equips your organisation with all the essential ticketing features you need to sell your tickets and offers on your website successfully. With this module, you can build and manage your order flows, add your products, and choose the pricing strategy that best fits your business. Set up static pricing,  dynamic prices or rule-based pricing with pricing exceptions straight from your Control Panel. Manage your venue's opening times, inventory and ticket barcodes - you stay entirely in control of your venue's management.

Data collector
The Convious script contains a data collector that collects website visitor behavioral data. The collected data is stored anonymously and is the fuel for the Convious platform and is used to optimize the checkout performance.

Inline widget
The inline widget is a full-page checkout. The Inline widget can run next to your overlay widget or stand-alone. To install the inline widget an empty website page is needed.

Overlay widget
The overlay widget is your Checkout that will run on top of your homepage/website. It will unfold on the side of the screen when the user clicks on the trigger button at the corner of your page. 

Many ticket types (incl season pass)
Ticket types include dated tickets, undated/flexible tickets, ticket bundles, season- or member passes, single-visit and multi-visit tickets.

The payment takes place after the ticket selection and finalizes a purchase. Payments can be carried out via your chosen payment providers. Convious supports payments by most payment methods including local ones. Because of the high ticketing volume, Convious is able to offer competitive payment rates.

Order flows
One order flow defines a sequence of different steps in your Checkout an user goes through to purchase tickets.

Custom branding
Custom branding includes customization of your Checkout and Engage tools in your house-brand colors, fonts, and general look & feel.

Order management
In your Convious Control Panel, you can view and edit order details, issue refunds, resend emails, and cancel reservations; this is called order management.

Within your order management, you have the ability to issue a cancellation and, thus, invalidate orders. The ticket barcode will be invalided once the cancellation is issued.  

In the Control Panel, an order can be refunded in full or partially. This means you can refund, for example, a single ticket of an order of 5 tickets. The ticket barcode is invalided once the refund is issued.  

Transactional email
Among the email types you can use with Convious, transactional emails constitute a purchase confirmation email and an (optional) email asking for required input to complete an order (After Payment Form).

Coupons & discount Vouchers
With Convious, you can use coupons to apply a discount on an entire order or cart and discount vouchers that apply a discount to selected products. The discount can be a percentage or a fixed amount.

Donations and gift aids
It’s possible to offer donations or gift aids articles as part of your Checkout flow (upsell articles) or as a stand alone order flow.

APP sales
APP sales include purchases made via Tap, the mobile application available to you via Convious. Your customers will have access to your Checkout via your Tap channel and thereby place orders directly from their mobile phones.

APP wallet
The APP wallet includes the access and display of your customers’ tickets (incl. seasonpasses) within the Tap application. 

Static Pricing
This is a fixed price you set for your products.

Rule-based pricing
This is the option to work with variable pricing that is constrained by your rules and exceptions.

Name Your Own Price is an advanced online pricing strategy based on gamification where you give your online visitors the ability to bid on the product or service they want to purchase. You define the minimum, maximum and average sales price acceptance and playfully increase engagement and conversion while learning about your customers' willingness to pay for your products.

Real-time pricing is a smart pricing strategy that considers weather, seasonality, inventory, and historical data into account to automatically determine and in real-time the best prices. With Real-time pricing it’s possible to add pricing boundaries as well (minimum, average, maximum sales price).

Date change
The Date change is a flow within your Checkout which allows your customers to reschedule their visits online without your intervention against a fee of your choice. 

Scan APP
To scan and invalidate the Convious generated ticket barcodes on your e-tickets at your gate, Convious can make an application called Code Reader available to you.

Transaction costs
The cost per transaction is the cost that occurs when a purchase is made via your Checkout and ought to be paid to the payment service provider and/or payment method provider. 


Convious Marketing 

The Convious Marketing module is the perfect AI-Powered Marketing Tool Kit for marketers eager to take efforts to the next level. Get ready to convert more visitors into customers with your smart marketing and engagement tools. Seize full control of your Tap App and go for maximum impact with Geo-fence-based marketing, push notifications and a venue map. Create marketing email campaigns or edit your email templates from the Convious studio. Now, you have all the tools at hand to build amazing customer journeys and turn visitors into loyal fans

The people who visit your Checkout or website.

Cart abandoned email
This email is sent to the visitors of Convious Checkout who added a ticket(s) to their shopping cart but did not complete the purchase. For the Cart abandoned email, we have three versions you can enable to be sent to your customers. To comply with local direct-marketing regulations, you can decide to send this email to opt-in visitors only. 

Pre-event email
This service email is sent to your customers who acquired a dated ticket and is sent commonly 24 hours before their visit. This email acts as a welcoming and pleasant reminder of their upcoming visit and provides useful and practical information about your venue including: 

  • Visit date reminder

  • Link to download the tickets

  • Your venue's opening times that day

  • Your venue's address

  • Directions on google maps (direct link)

  • Upsell offers (if applicable)

  • Other custom information: you can decide to include the parking information, link to your Frequently Asked Questions, or link to the list of available attractions

  • Support email address

  • Your social media links

  • Unsubscribe link

Engage tools & Convious studio
The Convious Engage tools include the Checkout, the Trigger button, the (Exit Intent) Pop Up, and the WonderBar and can be edited via the Convious Studio. The Convious Studio acts, therefore, merely as the location and tool to edit.

Trigger button
The Trigger button appears in your website's corner with an engaging, customizable text and, once clicked on, unfolds the Checkout/overlay widget. The exact corner can be defined in the Convious Studio.

Pop Up
The Pop Up is a window pop up displayed to your online visitors when they attempt to navigate away from the website. It includes a customizable message to convince them not to leave but take the desired action instead. The Pop Up can be configured, including targeting settings, in the Convious Studio.

When enabled, the WonderBar will show at the very top of your page. It includes a short message with a call to action and a button that can guide your website visitors to a specific offer or page. The WonderBar can be configured in the Convious Studio.

APP push notifications
App push notifications give you the ability to send relevant messages to your customers when using the Tap app. If push notifications are enabled, it will allow you to send messages, which will be showing directly on the customer’s lock screen. Our push messaging solution makes it possible to directly send a message to your customers or to schedule messages (automatic messaging) on a certain day and time. Push notifications can be sent before, during or after the visit. Push notifications can be used for certain goals like service, upsell, news, promotions. Push notifications are supported with title, subtitle, and external web URLs which can be directly opened in the App. 

APP inbox
The APP inbox is the location where the user can view and review previous (push) notifications. This makes it possible for customers to see the messages also when push notifications are disabled. 

APP placements
With APP placements it’s possible to manage dynamic content in the Tap app. For example to inform users, activate users, or encourage upselling. Examples are: highlighting a special event, deep-link to upsells articles, adding Covid related information, opening hours, FAQ's or questionnaires. But you can also think of special offers exclusively for your Mobile App users by creating a website landing page that is only communicated in the App. Placements can be scheduled so it is shown in a certain period of time in the app. App placements support custom images, text, and external web URLs that are opened in the app.

The APP MAP is a park map from your venue in the Tap app. For the APP MAP, we’ve integrated Google Maps and we can implement a styled map (color scheme) or a custom map (park map image on top of Google maps). The App Map can be extended with custom POI’s and supported filtering in the app. Customers can filter on specific categories which you can create yourself like attractions, animals, restaurants, showtimes, toilets. To each category, you can link points of interest (POI’s). POI’s consist of the name, description, image. On request, we can also enable the navigation so users can navigate at the location. 

Post-event email
This fully customizable email is sent to your customers one day after their visit to your venue. The Post Event Email can for example be used for collecting feedback,  asking for reviews, or offering incentives and upsells for future visits. To comply with local direct-marketing regulations, you can decide to send this email to opt-in visitors only. 

Custom forms + email reminders
The Custom form or After Payment Form is a form that can be used to enrich the profile of your visitors with data like their address or phone number. The Custom Form is displayed after payment but before the visitor can download his tickets. When the Custom form is activated the visitor is obliged to fill in the form to get his purchased tickets or season card. When the form is ignored a reminder email will be sent out.  It’s possible to build your form per order flow and customize the form with the default and/or customized fields. It’s also possible to ask for a photograph which is usually needed for season or year passes. 

See the profile data and timeline of events that have been tracked per profile. This allows you to deep dive into the behavior of your target group

Audiences are segments of users based on characteristics or behaviour that can be used for messaging purposes. You can use audiences in email, push messaging, inbox messages, exports, search, display and social advertising. Customers leaving the purchasing flow without finishing their transaction can for example be segmented as an audience.

Omnichannel Messaging Studio*
In the Omnichannel Messaging Studio, you can construct flows of messaging across different touchpoints. This allows you to reach your audience on the channel they prefer and you are able to offer a true omnichannel experience. You define when what should be sent out and via which channel fuelled by data.

Geo-fence based marketing*
This is a location-based marketing practice that triggers, for example, notifications when a mobile device enters a predefined geographic area.

Message bundle
The Message bundle indicated a fixed number of messages (emails) you can send. When the bundle limit has been reached it’s possible to purchase a new bundle.

* under development, expected at the end of 2022


Convious Crowd control 

Proactively prevent overcrowded scenarios, unsafe situations, or even fines by combining your eCommerce with AI. Smart visitor distribution is now possible with Convious Crowd Control. We provide a reservation solution for all your tickets and more. No matter what type of tickets you sell (dated, undated, season passes, etc.) and whether you sell them directly through your own channels or third-party resellers, always have a clear overview and a safe solution with up-front online check-ins and time-slot reservations.

The people who visit your Checkout or website.

When a customer purchases an undated ticket or owns a season pass, he needs to place a reservation using his order number or season pass number and email address to register a visit/timeslot.

Change reservations (date change)
In case a customer can not make use of their reservation or booked tickets, the Date change allows your customers to reschedule their visits online without your intervention against a fee of your choice. 

APP reservations
The reservations customers place via your Tap channel count as APP reservations.

Smart timeslot distribution
To distribute your visitors safely, the smart timeslot distribution takes into account your gate and venue capacity. It limits the number of people per time slot to ensure there is no guest overflow. Time slots are specified time windows throughout the day (e.g., 9 AM - 10 AM, 10 AM - 11 AM) you can define in your Convious Control Panel.

After Payment Form
Collecting your customers' information is now mandatory to provide them and your venue with the needed oversight to ensure everyone's safety while meeting necessary regulations. With Convious, this step is integrated via an After Payment Form within the same purchasing process in your checkout. The form is triggered after the purchase occurs just before the customer can access their tickets, maintaining a high conversion rate and smooth user-experience. Depending on your local regulations, you can ask for the name, phone number, address, town/city, postal code, country, and birthday.

App season pass in wallet (incl Photo)
Your season or member passes, including personalized ID pictures, are also always digitally available to your biggest fans in the Tap app wallet.

F&B reservation
Food & Beverages can be reserved and purchased upfront through upsells in your Checkout on your website or via push notifications in your Tap App.


Convious Reseller module

With our Reseller module, you can invite (physical) external partners, so they sell tickets according to your pricing strategy, visitor spread, and availability. Create and manage reseller accounts straight from your Control Panel and always keep an overview of all resellers and their performance. When invited, your resellers will receive their own Control Panel log-in to sell and print tickets while also accessing their statistics.  

Tracked sales
Keep the overview of your reseller channels and performance metrics like items sold (tracked sales) in your Control Panel.

Get better insights about your resellers’ performance using the filter options in the various Control Panel dashboards or easily export the items sold by your resellers.

User management
Admin only section in the Control Panel where Control Panel users for your venue can be created and their permissions can be managed. There are different roles you can customize, for example, marketing, finance, product, or reseller rights. 


Convious Channel Manager

In the Channel Manager, you can enable new online sales channels and sell your venue tickets straight from your Convious control panel configuration. Based on your desired prices and pricing strategy, stock and visitor spread. Convious connected with various channels such as: 

  • Get your guide

  • Tripadvisor

  • Expedia

  • Reserve with Google

  • APP wallet (Tap)


Convious Feedback Module 

Convious Feedback is a module that allows you to monitor and manage your guests' experiences and feedback and turn them into powerful marketing assets. See where your guests are talking about, track your guests' experiences and their sentiment and act on it when there’s space for improvement. Utilizing our world-beating sentiment analysis tool, we can delve deep into your written reviews and extract how well your establishment is perceived online regarding your sanitary safety.

Use the power of social proof and the experience economy during the consideration phase, during visits, and create loyal customers and ambassadors. 

Ongoing surveys
Ongoing surveys are online surveys that are continuously and automatically distributed to your visitors in various ways, usually after their visit.

Sentiment Monitor
The Sentiment Monitor monitors your guest sentiment in real-time and across the customer journey. The Sentiment Monitor is available within the Control Panel and shows valuable insights and statistics about your guest sentiment. See how you score and compare your scores against Market Benchmark.

Reporting on sentiment topics is available within the Control Panel.

Custom surveys
Custom surveys are customized surveys to ask for feedback for specific topics you want to learn more from. For example queues/waiting times, quality of the food, parking, staff friendliness, value for money, sanitary or activities and shows. 

AI analysis
Our AI-powered analysis model is continuously learning, monitoring for changes in experience and guest sentiment, and displays these insights in AI analysis reports. 

Pandemic Precaution score
The Pandemic Precaution Score uses visitors as the judge of how well an establishment or destination is doing in regards to the safety of its visitors. This real-time information enables quicker decision-making for the safety of your visitors and staff.

Sanitary Safety score
The Sanitary Safety Score gives you a key insight into what your customers’ sentiment is regarding the cleanliness and safety of your venue. Based on an expansive selection of keywords along with analyzing the negative and positive sentiment, we can reliably give you a Sanitary Safety Score out of 10. The Sanitary Safety Score counts the positive and negative sentiment, converting that score into 0 – 10.

Custom scores
Customized scores metrics that matter to your venue most. 


Convious BI

Convious BI is a custom reporting tool that empowers venue managers with data and let them build their own customized dashboards with a drag & drop functionality. Customized alerts can be configured.

Custom dashboards on data
Customized dashboard based on the data and KPI’s of your venue that matters most. Custom dashboards can be built with a drag & drop functionality.

Add your own data (CSV upload)
Upload your own data to Convious BI via CSV upload.

Build your own dashboards & charts
Build your own personalized dashboard with the KPI’s that matter most for you. 

Custom charts on selected data
Build your own charts based on selected data such as orders, refunds, transactions, order changes, ticket downloads, emails sent, email open %, email conversion %, checkout navigation, web navigation. 

Custom branding
Custom branding includes customization of your Convious BI dashboards and reports in your house-brand colors, fonts, and general look & feel.

1 dashboard with 6 default charts
Convious BI comes with 1 dashboard with 6 default charts.


Convious Support

Do you have a question? Our Knowledge Base ( and Convious Academy contain more than 100 articles and how-to manuals about every single Control Panel feature imaginable.

Do you prefer support by a Convious member? The Convious Support team offers free direct support during business hours and can be consulted via email ( The team usually replies within 1 business day.

Contact the support team for example with questions about your checkout configuration, your Control Panel, to troubleshoot an issue, to ask for a configuration review or to report a bug. Convious Support is included and no extra fees will be charged.


Premium Support

Premium support is a paid service for venues who want MORE dedicated and personalized assistance to go the extra mile. Convious experts are available to take over activities, give extra guidance or training.

Premium support examples:

  • Outsource marketing efforts:

    • Emailing to base (campaigns)

    • Online advertising (Search, Display, Social)

    • Content marketing

  • Inhouse training

  • Outsource managing your Checkout

  • Customized reports

  • .. your wish... 

For more information and the possibilities contact your Convious Account manager or Customer Success Manager.

Consultancy & development

Convious offers consultancy and development services and is able to integrate for example to your booking system, POS or BackOffice. Convious can also develop custom features and other requests specifically for you. We are open to discuss everything. For more information, possibilities and costs contact your Convious Account manager or Customer Success Manager.