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What is               ?

Tap is Convious’ first fully branded mobile app ticketing platform for the leisure industry. With Tap, each leisure venue gets to easily create their own, fully customized, app environment allowing them to offer a seamless mobile experience for guests before, during, and after their visit.


Seamless user experience

No more printing or searching in emails for tickets or venue information. Reduce access friction and transform your customer journey into a seamless experience by making sure they have fully branded smart tickets and relevant information always at hand in an easily accessible e-ticket wallet.


Why start from scratch?

Hop into Tap and have your own app!

more than 


of our partners’ customers have done their bookings through mobile. This means that having a checkout process that is not optimized for mobile can slow things down and cost you a good amount of drop-offs.

What you’ll get:

Your Personal

Tap Wallet

A fully branded and easily accessible

e-ticket mobile wallet for your visitors.

A new direct channel

Tap integrates to your Convious ticketing shop. Sell tickets, upsells, season passes and more. 

Content Module

Show opening hours, social links, maps, upsells, attraction details, events happening during their visit, etc. 

coming soon

coming soon

Messaging Module


Send customised messages to your visitors with personalised offers (both in-venue and pre or post visit).


This is your chance to make your leisure venue accessible for everyone at any time.
To make it possible for your guests to enjoy quality time whenever and however long they want. 

Gain flexibility and offer convenience. Start using Tap from Convious today

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Frequently asked questions

How is your data managed?

Every data stream is private, just like with your own Convious check out.

Does Tap replace PDF tickets?

No, your guests are still going to receive a confirmation email with it's respective PDF tickets. Tap is risk-free and provides an alternative way for guests to access their tickets.

Can you use Tap without having a Convious Check-out on your web page?

At the moment Tap only integrates with Convious Checkouts.

How much does it cost?

Tap has different modules with premium features. At the moment, the Tap wallet and e-ticket features are free to use for our partners. More premium features are soon to come. *All existing fees remain the same.

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